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Dedicated to representing our clients zealously
About Our Law Firm

Terrence P. Tormey is a seasoned attorney with a diverse practice experience.  Committed to zeolously representing his clients and effectively advocating their positions he strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients each and every time.  With a habit of under promising and over delivering he delivers time and again.  His experience permits him to interpret the law in practical ways and to effectively communicate a new and novel way of looking at things.  Practical in application and creative in approach he consistently finds ways to get the job done and for his clients to realize their goals.

Mark C., Brick, NJ

“After Hurricane Sandy our home was substantially damaged.  After we were sued by an unlicensed out-of-state contractor seeking to be paid an un-Godly amount, Mr. Tormey worked tirelessly to represent us and to protect my family.  He showed us how we were protected under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act .”


“Terry has represented my company and my family for many years in a variety of matters.    His advice has always been spot-on and we have achieved our various goals”

Frank & Carol C., Toms River, NJ

“We're ecstactic!  An out-of-state sued us for work allegedly done to our home after Hurricane Sandy.  We hired Terry and he went to work.  He filed an Answer to the Complaint on our behalf along with no less than 8 Counterclaims for violation of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act.  The contractor could't settle fast enough.  The case was dismissed, our bank accounts freed up, he didn't get a dime and he paid our legal fees!  Job well done Terry!”

Brian G., Brick, NJ

“There is only one guy that I would call and it's Terry.  I trust him to always have my back and to protect my wife and I and my son; whether it's a real estate deal, estate planning, preparing my Will,; whatever, he gets the job done right  ”

“Terry has been my business and family attorney for years.  I wouldn't trust my business to anyone else.  He's the best.  My businesses have grown and thrived and I have never worried because I knew I had Terry on my team to protect my best interests.”

Vince D., 21st Century Concepts
Roger A., Englishtown, NJ
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